Machine Quilting Designs

Edge-to-Edge (e2e) or Allover Quilting

I have a design that will suit your quilt!

Everything from hearts & loops to feather sprays to sophisticated designs for floral quilts to wonderful William Morris-style designs for quilts made from wonderful reproduction fabrics.

I have over 10,000 patterns and designs to choose from.

Prices for e2e start at $4.00/sq.ft.

machine quilting thong design

Custom Quilting

This is the fun thing –

  • Do you want your design on your quilt?
  • Do you want feathers and fans in varying sizes to compliment your perfect piecing?
  • Do you want echoing, cross-hatching or stippling around the appliqué on your Baltimore?

I will spend plenty of time with you discussing your needs.

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Pricing for customised quilting is based on each individual quilt, but as a basic quide prices usually average at $7.50 per sq.ft.

machine quilting leaf design

Calculation of Prices for Machine Quilting

Most machine quilters charge by the size of the quilt-top combined with style of quilting required. The various styles of quilting and the density of the quilting are charged at different rates. For example, quilting on a top that measures 60” x 60” (150cms x 150cms) can cost between $87.50 (for open stippling or meandering) to $250.00 (high density customised quilting).

My example shows pricing for an edge-to-edge meander:

First measure your quilt top to find the length and width in inches. Since every quilter and domestic machine will sew a slightly different ¼” seam, you must measure the finished quilt top and not rely on the measurements given in the pattern.

Then multiply your length in inches by width in inches. Follow the example below, substituting your dimensions and the quoted pricing.

65” x 65” = 4225 sq.inches

4225 sq.inches divided by 144 = 29.34 sq.ft.

29.34 sq.ft. x $4.00 = $117.00

machine quilting flower design

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